Would you like to participate in my research?

Tell me YOUR experience. I am awestruck by the transformative effects of after-death communication and endlessly eager to hear more examples of it. If you have had contact with a dead beloved and would like to participate in my research, I welcome the chance to hear about your experience. Please be assured that anything you choose to share, along with your personal and contact information, will be held in the strictest of confidence. I will never share your story without personal contact (most likely a telephone interview) and verbal and written permission from you. All requests for anonymity will be honored.

If you don’t find a category for your experience listed under “What is After-Death Communication?” I still urge you to share your story. Each experience is unique, as is each experiencer. Categorizing the mysteries can never cover their entirety. Even if your experience was either so subtle or so strange that you doubt its reality, I urge you to share it. In this way you could end up being part of an important movement to open people’s awareness to the availability of this rich and healing gift.

Write Your Experience

As you write, you may consider telling me:
  • Who this person is to you.
  • How and when he or she died.
  • What happened in the contact and what your emotions were.
  • Did the contact change you or your relationship?
  • Did the contact help you to complete anything between you?
  • Has the contact influenced your understanding of life or of death?

You will hear from me after you share your experience, but if you’d like to  connect before you share, please email me HERE.