The After Death Chronicles is a hybrid of memoir and research that demonstrates how common and healing and accessible contact with our deceased beloveds can be. The book interlaces extensive verbal communication with my deceased daughter and the results of scores of interviews with others who have had contact with their own dead beloveds.

These stories of communication, which comfort and reassure, range through ecstatic dreams and mating eagles, to an ordinary wingback chair that vibrates when someone besides the surviving daughter sits in it and a doorbell that rings when no “body” is there. READ MORE

What is After-Death Communication?

After-death communication is what occurs when deceased beloveds make living people aware of their presence. This contact is rarely frightening and almost always comforting, often offering the reassurance of words like, “I am okay,” or bringing wisdom, guidance, or messages to deliver to others. It may be so subtle as to be barely recognizable or so definitive there is no way it can be denied. Contact can be made in dozens of manners from dreams to visions to voices. READ MORE