Book Club


  1. What do you think of this idea that our deceased beloveds can return to visit us? Does this seem comforting? Or far-fetched? Or does it frighten you? Why or why not?
  2. Have you ever had an experience you thought might be an after-death communication? How did this feel? Were you convinced it was an actual encounter or were you doubtful? Were you afraid to share it at the time? Are you willing to share it now? If you’re still uncomfortable, why?
  3. Do you think Annie makes a convincing case for after-death communication as an important reality? Talk about how she does or doesn’t do so?
  4. Is there a particular experience from the book that has stayed with you? If so, please describe it.
  5. What did you think when Annie said she’s not trying prove that after-death contact is real? Does her anecdotal approach satisfy you? Talk about why or why not.
  6. What kind of relationship do you have with your dreams? Has reading this book influenced that? How?
  7. If you dreamed of a deceased beloved, how would you recognize it as a visitation?
  8. In Chapter 8, when Annie veers from after-death communication into the concept of reincarnation, how did you respond? Did her personal story deepen your understanding of this as a possibility?
  9. If you were to make a plan to make contact with someone after your death, who would that be with? How do you think you might return? And why?
  10. Has reading this book shifted your view of what occurs after death? If so, how? What made this change occur?
  11. Talk about anything that Annie says that conflicts with your own spiritual or religious views. Or the reverse, anything that aligns with and supports or strengthens your views. Have there been any shifts as a result of this book?
  12. Many people say that someone “commits” suicide, as though this sad act were a crime. Was it surprising to hear Annie’s daughter Randi speak of “healing” after her death, rather than punishment?
  13. Are there any changes you contemplate now regarding your own death or your grief over the death of a loved one because of reading this book?
  14. Have you experienced any of the three primary results of after-death communication that Annie relates?
  15. If you want to look for and encourage contact, how will you go about this?
  16. What is your definition of a mystic? Of a mystical moment? What do you think about the idea that after-death communications are mystical moments? Do you think you are capable of such moments? Do you think everyone is?