10 Page Excerpt from the Book

View and/or download the 10 page excerpt of The After Death Chronicles HERE.


Instructions for downloading the PDF in different web browsers (after clicking on THE LINK or image above):

  1. Safari: Click and hold on “File” in your menu bar; select “Export as PDF.”
  2. Firefox: In the gray bar above the PDF image, on the far right hand side, look for the small white rectangle with the downward-pointing arrow in it, which is the download button; click on it to download the PDF file.
  3. Chrome: Move your curser to the top of the gray part of the browser window; a darker gray menu bar will appear (if it’s not already there). Look for the small, white downward-pointing arrow with a short horizontal line below it, which is the download button; click on it to download the PDF file.
  4. If you are still having trouble downloading the PDF file: please contact Annie by clicking on THIS LINK with a request for the 10 page excerpt PDF file and she will email it to you directly!