Nine Ways Our Beloveds Make Contact After Death


Roxanne’s deceased mother made a sound to alert her that her little dog had slipped out an open door and was at risk from coyotes. Willy’s deceased friend showed him where to spread her ashes. When my daughter Randi visited me so often after her death that I expressed concern I might be keeping her from her own tasks, she assured me—verbally—that such human limitations didn’t apply where she was. She could be with me and doing her own work at the same time.

Each of these contacts allows us to be sure, as all such contact does, that our beloveds are okay. This doesn’t stop our grief, but it gives us a container for our pain so it doesn’t consume us.

Click on “9 Ways Our Beloved Reach Out from the Afterlife to Bring Us Comfort, Guidance and Wisdom” the first of four podcast video conversations I had with Margaret Manning of to hear about the many ways our deceased beloveds make contact. Then let me know at if you have an after-death communication story you’d like to share with me.

Coming soon: The Power of Rituals

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